Gun Gang x Blake Dunlop

Day in the life of the Gun Gang.

Shot in Wellington, New Zealand by Blake Dunlop.


Steve ‘Espo’ Powers

New show ‘A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures’ by Espo

kyle thompson.

A series of self-portraits by fine art photographer Kyle Thompson.

See more of Kyles work here.

kurt stallaert.

Bodybuilders world is a series by Belgium’s Kurt Stallaert.

Doctored children’s faces onto bodys of professional body builders.
See more here.

Laura Bifano.

Menagerie is a show of 10 polygonal animal paintings by Laura Bifano.
It reconciles her fascination with the natural world and computer game aesthetics.




john crawford – aerial nudes.

New Zealands John Crawford.

See more here.

bmd x blake dunlop x young, gifted and broke.

A short comedy/tragedy made by videographer Blake Dunlop, sounds and acting by Tom Scott and Lui Tuiasau and artwork by bmd rap-spray collective.