Shigeo Fukuda – Shadow artist.

by blokink

I went on the road a few weeks ago to visit my good friend and creative helper Bryn Llewellyn is Gisborne.  Bryn was kind enough to give me an illusion book from Illusion Works. This book, composed by Al Seckel, is filled to the brim with graphic designers and deception artists from all eras. Trust me, this book makes for hours of entertainment.
One particular artist that stood out was Shigeo Fukuda. Fukuda is a sculptor and an illusionist artist,  known to create abstract sculptures that forecast  shadow silhouettes when light is shone on them from a particular angle or when viewed at different angles using mirrors.

Fukuda was born February 4, 1932  and died this year, January 11, 2009.

(update: thanks for the spelling corrections Mr Rutledge)